This section is reserved for the audio-visual lectures that pertain to the key grammatical structures that we will be focusing on during the semester.  Links to specific lectures will be given in the "Tarea" section but students are welcome to review previous lectures at any time.

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El Presente Progresivo-reviews the use and formation of the present progressive, including stem changing,  spelling change forms, the placement of object pronouns and the need for accents. (by Jaime Olalde, edited by I. Fischer)

Ser y Estar- by Olseng

Ser y Estar II- by Sra. Leni Bronstein of Williamsburg Middle School.

Los Reflexivos- introductory presentation of the uses and formation of  reflexive verbs. (by St. John's High School, edited by I. Fischer)

El Pretérito 1- includes regular endings as well as spelling change and -Ir stem- changing verbs.  Also includes student exercise check points.  (By Tom Duggan, edited by I. Fischer)

La Formación del Subjuntivo- explanation of the formation of all present subjunctive verb forms, including stem changing, irregulars, and spelling change verbs.

El Presente Perfecto-reviews the uses and formation of the present perfect, including irregular participles and placement of object pronouns.

Los Complementos- reviews the use of object pronouns, direct, indirect and reflexive.  All describes the placement of pronouns with infinitives, commands, progressives and the use of double object pronouns.

 Gustar y Otros Verbos- a visual description of how Gustar and verbs such as encantar, fascinar, importar, doler are used.  Includes student practice sentences to verify comprehension. (by Thomas and Jennifer Duggan, edited by I. Fischer)


 El Presente Perfecto del Subjuntivo-use and formation of the present perfect subjunctive.

El Subjuntivo- Parte III- introduces the use of subjunctive in adjective clauses.

El Pluscuamperfecto-Past Perfect-use and formation of the past perfect/pluperfect.

El Futuro- the formation and use of the future tense, including irregulars.

El Condicional-the formation and use of the conditional tense, excluding if/then clauses.
El Imperfecto del Subjuntivo- conjugation and use of the imperfect subjunctive, excluding if/then clauses