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Supreme Court Biographies



Chief Justice John Roberts-Born Jan. 27th, 1955.
Nominated by Bush43 and sworn in Sept. 29, 2005.


Justice Samuel Alito-Born April 1st, 1950.

Nominated by Bush43 and sworn in Jan. 31, 2006,


Justice Anthony Kennedy-Born July 23rd, 1936
Nominated as Reagan's third choice for the seat the president had hoped to fill with conservative theorist Robert Bork. A conservative, leaning toward moderate, he was sworn in Feb. 18, 1988. Kennedy, 64, was a law professor before becoming a federal appeals judge.


Justice Antonin Scalia-Born March 11th, 1936
Nominated by Reagan and sworn in Sept. 26, 1986. Before joining the court, Scalia, 64, was already defined as a strong conservative over four years as a federal appeals judge in Washington. Has a freewheeling style during oral arguments and is the court cutup.


Justice Clarence Thomas-Born June 28th, 1943

Nominated by Bush and sworn in Oct. 23, 1991, after the most bitter nomination fight since the Bork hearings. A conservative and an opponent of affirmative action, Thomas, 52, had served in the Reagan administration and as a federal appeals judge


Justice David Souter- Born Sept. 17th, 1939
Nominated by President Bush and sworn in Oct. 9, 1990. At the time of his nomination, Souter, now 61, was a virtual unknown, a government lawyer. He quickly became a disappointment to conservatives and now often sides with the court's liberal wing.


Justice Stephen Breyer-Born August 15th, 1938
Nominated by Clinton and sworn in Aug. 3, 1994. He is a former Watergate prosecutor and government lawyer who also taught law and was a federal appeals judge when chosen for the court. A moderate-liberal, Breyer, 62, is a consensus-builder.



Justice John Paul Stevens-Born April 20th, 1920
Nominated by President Ford and sworn in Dec. 17, 1975. He was a lawyer in private practice and a federal appeals judge before joining the high court. Seen as a solidly middle-of-the-road choice when he joined the court, Stevens, 80, is now viewed as a moderate-liberal.


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg-Born March 15th, 1933
Nominated by President Clinton and sworn in Aug. 10, 1993. A law professor and former general counsel of the liberal American Civil Liberties Union, she was a vocal advocate for women's rights. Ginsburg, 67, sides with the court's liberal wing.