Jim Crow

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Jim Crow

Many Americans during the Progressive Era experienced improvement in their lives. The Progressives pushed for social justice, general equality and public safety, but there were contradictions within the movement, especially regarding race. While white Americans were enjoying the benefits of the Progressive reforms, black Americans, especially in the South, were suffering under the harsh laws of segregation that had existed since Reconstruction. This was the Jim Crow South. Click here for the links to complete this activity:

  1. Click on “Link #1” to answer the following:
    1. From where did the name Jim Crow come?



    1. What does Jim Crow mean?



    1. When did Jim Crow begin?



    1. What prominent black leader did Teddy Roosevelt invite to the White House?



    1. Why was this invitation controversial?



    1. What was President Wilson’s attitude towards black Americans?  Use three pieces of evidence to prove your answer.



  1. Click on “Link #2” to explain the following events on the Jim Crow Timeline (include the date)
    1. Civil Rights Act declared unconstitutional:



    1. Plessy v. Ferguson


Now click on 1901 – 1920:

    1. The Niagara Movement


    1. NAACP


    1. The Crisis


    1. The Birth of a Nation


  1. Click on “Link 3” to view three clips from The Birth of a Nation. 
    1. Explain how blacks and whites are depicted differently:


    1. What effect might The Birth of a Nation have on race relations in the US?


  1. Click on “Link #4” to gather the data from the Jim Crow Maps: First, click on “Jim Crow Laws” Once there, click on” education”  to answer these questions:
    1. How many states had segregation laws?


    1. Did any non-southern states have segregation laws?  If so, name them.


    1. Click on several of the states that had segregation laws.  Summarize the laws of the states.


    1. Now click on “miscegenation.”  Define that word.



    1. How many states had anti-miscegenation laws?


    1. What was the law in California?


    1. What was punishment for miscegenation in Florida?


    1. Now click on “lynching and riots.”  Roll over the southern states.  List the three southern states with the highest number o f lynchings.


    1. Who got lynched more, blacks or white?


    1. Were there any lynchings in California?


    1. Now click on riots.  In how many states were there race riots?


    1. Click on there different states and write down the catalyst for the riots in each of the three states.


  1. Click on “Link #5” to see the barriers placed on blacks who tried to vote in the South.
    1. Click on “Try to Vote.”  Define grandfather clause:



    1. Click “Continue.”  Define Literacy Test:



    1. Take a look at the Literacy Test.  Could you pass this test?



    1. Click “Continued.  Define Poll Tax:



    1. Click “Continue.”  Explain why transportation was a problem for blacks attempting to reach the polls.




    1. Click “Continue.”  Explain how violence might be used against you if you tried to vote as a black person.



    1. Name the federal law that put an end to many tactics used to keep blacks from voting: