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When administering the MAPs assessment, record your students' overall scores as well as their goal area scores as they appear onscreen at the end of the test.

Students will reflect on the results and write plans to improve in their lowest goal area in each subject.  Improving in their lowest goal area typically produces academic growth in that subject overall.

For great quotes and resources, visit the "Goal Setting Guide" website. (quotes)  Here's the link to support your "No Excuses" program.






  • NEW Common Core MS Goal Planning Sheets for
     Reading, Language Usage, and Math
    Take the following sheets to the lab so you or your students can record their scores at the end of the MAP assessment.

    Reading    Language Usage Math


  • MATH Sample Action Steps for Students by Julie Garcia

    For a Word Doc Version

    For a PDF Version

  •  Amy Huff  (Adobe Bluffs) created lists of sample action steps from which her students can choose as they are writing their goals.

    For a Word Doc Version (for you to personalize)

    For a PDF Version

  • The following sheets can be used to help students develop strategies to reach their goals.

Student Goal Organizer Upper ES

Student Goal Organizer MS/HS

Student Goal Organizer from Anthony Bayro and the Los Pen Team

Personal Goals for
My Extreme Academic Makeover

  • Students can also record their personal goals on the back page of this
    tri-fold flyer.


  • NWEA developed these sheets to provide students with opportunities for self-assessment after the fall and spring assessments. Students reflect on their personal study habits, effort, and participation

 Self Assessment for Fall
   MAPs Conferencing

Self Assessment for Spring
MAPs Conferencing





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