B is for Big
Brown Bears !
Bears are big   
animals with thick,  
strong  legs.      
All bears are covered   
with heavy fur.
Bears have big  
heads,   little eyes  and small round ears.
Bears can stand on  
their hind legs to 
smell  and see  
Bears are smart and curious animals.
Most bears eat  
nuts, fruit, berries, plants, insects, 
honey, fish  
and other animals.
Many bears live where 
the winter is very cold. 
In these 
places, bears will find 
a warm place to make a den.

The bear cam!
Click on the picture to see a real bear.

Here in the warm den,  
bears hibernate or    
sleep until warmer    
weather arrives.     
This is when the    
cubs are born.
Cubs are about the  
size of a small squirrel 
or chipmunk when  
they are born. 
Mother bears can  
have 1, 2 or 3 cubs. 
In the spring,   Momma Bear  

teaches her cubs to ...

    pick berries

and eat yummy .insects!.


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