Kumeyaay.Com site
This is a great site about the Kumeyaay Indians, their heritage, history and culture. It includes information and links to various Kumeyaay reservations and also has EXCELLENT photos.
Anza-Borrego Native Population
This site has a short history of the Kumeyaay and some photos of artifacts.
Cabrillo National Monument Calendar of Events
Once a year Cabrillo has a festival attended by Kumeyaay artisans. It is posted on their calendar at this site.
Campo Kumeyaay
This site has a large amount of information on the Campo band of the Kumeyaay. It is primarily text, but has some interesting information about their calendar and other maps and details.
INS Visas End Era of Exile for Kumeyaay Indians
Great article to go with the story of Delphina Cuero. Finally the INS has worked out an easier way for the Kumeyaay to travel between Mexico and the US
Kumeyaay (Katie and Linda's Site)
This site by Katie Beedon and Linda Hyman has a tremendous amount of excellent information as well as teacher resources and student projects.
Kumeyaay (Table of Contents in frames)
This page is taken from "The Kumeyaay Indians" by Roberta Labastida & Diana Caldeira in cooperation with the Campo Band Mission Indians
Kumeyaay (Without Frames)
This is basically the same site as above, but without frames and a table of contents.
Kumeyaay Attack on the SD Mission
This site is written at an adult level, but has valuable information for teachers and students regarding the Kumeyaay revolt at Mission San Diego de Alcala in 1775
Kumeyaay Curriculum Workshop - for MissionTrails Regional Park
This site lists times and contacts for the San Diego County Office of Education's training and curriculum for teachers to teach Kumeyaay history and culture at Mission Trails Regional Park
Kumeyaay-Ipai Interpretive Center of Pauwai website. Mr. Eamon
        Kavanaugh, the Kumeyaay Nations in San Diego County, the City
        of Poway, Friends of the Kumeyaay, and many other volunteers
        have worked to construct and maintain an excellent interpretive
        center on Silverlake Drive in Poway. This site highlights that work
        and has current information about tours and events.
Kumeyaay Language Course
Offered by the Kumeyaay University, this site lists and defines a large number of Kumeyaay words and phrases
Kumeyaay Language Pronounced
This site teaches students how to pronounce several Kumeyaay words and phrases. It also includes some stories (folklore) and cultural traditions.
Kumeyaay Web-Based Project
Good classroom web-based project for students studying the Kumeyaay. Graphic organizers and pages of research questions are included.
Map of Kumeyaay Cultural Area
Map of Kumeyaay Cultural Area
Mission Trails Regional Park
Use the search provided on the main page of Mission Trails Regional Park site to search for Kumeyaay. You will find links to excellent information.
Native Child Curriculum Material and Resources
Old Town Trivia Quiz on Kumeyaay
Here is a pretty good quiz for students studying the Kumeyaay. (Click on Native California to start the quiz.)
This is actually a link from the Kumeyaay.Com site. It has excellent photos and information about the Sycuan Band of Kumeyaay
The Barona Band of Mission Indians
This is another great site about a specific band of the Kumeyaay Nation.
The Indians of San Diego County
This San Diego State University site includes excellent information on the Kumeyaay as well as a great bibliography of resources to aid your studies of the Kumeyaay.
The Kumeyaay
This is probably too technical for third graders, as it is written at a professional research level, but teachers will find some helpful information.
The Kumeyaay (Digueño) Indians of San Diego County & Baja - DesertUSA
All about the Southern California Kumeyaay Indian, also called the Diegueno, who once inhabited most of San Diego County and northern Baja, California.
The Kumeyaay Millennium - Land History
This is a short, but informative article about the history and culture of the Kumeyaay.
The Kumeyaay of Mission Trails
This site has a short history of the Kumeyaay and also includes a Kumeyaay story about Coyote & Stinkbug.
Try This the Kumeyaay Way!
This site includes a recipe for Shawii (acorn mush), Kumeyaay games, how to make a clay pot, and more.

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