Differentiated Instruction
Differentiated instruction dignifies each student with learning that is meaningful, relevant, and engaging.

* The core of what the students learn remains relatively steady. How the student learns-including degree of difficulty, working arrangements, modes of expression, and sorts of scaffolding-may vary considerably. Differentiation is not so much the 'stuff' as the 'how.' If the 'stuff' is ill conceived, the 'how' is doomed."
Carol Ann Tomlinson, UVA

How Do We Differentiate for GATE Students?

Content: What we teach
Quality, not quantity = more depth and complexity Standards-based curriculum as a foundation then enriching and differentiating with concepts and/or enduring understandings

Process: How we teach
"Making sense" of content using higher level thinking skills: analytical, inferential, interpretive, evaluative Processing content with a focus on broad concepts and enduring understandings to connect ideas across time, space, and disciplines Pacing and compacting as needed

Product: Output of learning through multiple assessments Assignments/projects/tests stretching thinking beyond the core content using higher level skills

Learning Environment: Students may choose to be in one of two basic education classes: a cluster of 8-10 gifted students or a homogeneous class of all gifted students. Both environments provide differentiated instruction to appropriately meet the needs of advanced learners.
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