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Student Calendar 2014-2015


June 11, Thurs.
Last Day of School
Dismissal at 12:45pm


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All visitors to our campus must check in through the Administration Office at the front of the school.


Please take a few minutes at home to carefully check your child’s health before he/she leaves for school each morning. The following are a few suggestions, which may help to guide you:


~Illness during the night
~Fever is present (100 degrees or greater)
~Complaints of nausea, upset stomach, vomiting, headache, diarrhea prior to leaving for school
~Development of a rash on face and/or body
~Has a severe cold, cough and/or sore throat
~Has inflamed eye(s) with discharge from them

Please Remember: An ill child cannot function properly in the classroom. The spread of illness and disease through class or school can be more easily monitored if sick children remain at home during the acute stage of an illness. If the school health tech detects any of the above, your child will be sent home.

People with influenza-like illness are to remain home until at least 24 hours after they are free of fever (100o F [37.8o C]) without the use of fever-reducing medications.

A student’s absence should be reported on the School Absence Hotline by calling: (858) 485-0042 x4202.

Homework can also be requested on this phone message, please indicate when you will be picking it up.

Welcome to Chaparral

Principal Rhiannon Sharp Buhr
Office Hours: M, T, TH, F 8:15 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
W - 8:15 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
School Hours: M, T, TH, Fri 9:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.
Wed: 9:00 a.m. – 1:35 p.m.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, May 31: Chaparral Fun Run
8:00am - Registration
8:15am - Warm-Ups
8:30am - It's Time to Run!
Click here for more information.

June at a Glance
5 - Community Gathering/Fitness Club Awards (Blacktop, 9:05am)
8 - 3rd Grade Reading Olympics (MPR, 1:45pm)
10 - 5th Grade Promotion (Running Track, 9:15am)
11 - Olympic Field Day/Last Day of School/Minimum Day
        (12:45pm dismissal)

Principal’s Reminders

Health Office Reminder
Please remember that if your student is diagnosed with any communicable disease (pink eye, strep throat, etc.), you MUST notify the Health Office by calling 858-485-0042 x4202.

2015-2016 Registration for NEW Students
Registration for new students is taking place in our office daily, from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. All registration forms and a list of required documents can be found on the New Student Enrollment page of the PUSD website.

Spring Pictures
We still have many students who have not returned their spring picture proofs and they are now past due. Please return either the proof packet or the envelope with your payment to the office immediately.


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Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me

Rhiannon Sharp Buhr, Principal
Principal, Chaparral Elementary

PTA and Chaparral Educational Foundation Announcements

School Kitz - Pre-Order Next Year’s School Supplies Now!
As the school year begins to wind down, we naturally begin to think about the lazy days of summer, but before you know it the 2015-2016 school year will be upon us so we have been busy thinking of ways to make the inevitable transition to a new year as easy as possible. Your Foundation & PTA have set up a way to order your student’s 2015-2016 school supplies and have them sent directly to his or her desk. No running around from Target to Walmart to Office Depot. Simply order the School Kit(s) you need and they will be delivered to your child’s classroom for the first day of school.
Here's what to do (2 options):
1) is to go online to and enter account number 81211. There you will find a list of kits to choose from for each grade. Pick the one for the grade your child will be entering, pay for it with a credit card or via PayPal and you are done! Deadline: Friday, June 19.
2) Paper order forms have gone home. You can return your order to your students teacher and pat via check, made payable to CEF. Deadline: Monday, June 8.
****** All prices listed include tax and delivery so the price you see is the price you pay.
The benefit:
SchoolKidz will donate 8% of each sale to Chaparral so this service not only benefits you by saving time and money but also benefits the school.

June 5: Fitness Club Awards Ceremony
Get ready to cheer on our Hawks as they are honored for their accomplishments on the track in the annual Fitness Club awards ceremony on the blacktop at 9 a.m. on Friday, June 5. For more information, see the flier on PeachJar.

June 11: Olympic Field Day
The 20th annual Olympic Field Day is coming to Chaparral on the last day of school (Thursday, June 11). Students will be going out onto the field for a specified hour to participate in many fun activities such as three-legged and horse races, basketball and Frisbee throws, ring and bean bag toss, obstacle course, dancing and many more fun exciting events! As always, volunteers are needed to help run the event. You can volunteer throughout the whole event or just attend for a specific grade level. For more information, see the flier on PeachJar or contact Olympic Field Day coordinator, Chris Bradbury at or (858) 254-7958.

Left Behind Art, Art At Dark
Thank you to everyone who attended Art At Dark, we hope your little hawks had fun! If your child is missing any art they created during Art At Dark we have it all laid out for you in the art room, room 44. We will keep it safe until Friday June 5th.

Chaparral Student Honored at State PTA Reflections Competition
Second grader Jaden Tijam and his film "Friends are Awesome" received an Award of Merit by the California State PTA. Jaden's film will be highlighted at the California State PTA convention this year. Jaden is one of three PUSD students to receive this top honor and the only elementary school student. Join us in congratulating Jaden!


CA Distinguished School





CHAPARRAL Elementary School Named 2012 California Distinguished School... CONGRATULATIONS CHAPARRAL!