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Teen Writer's Camp - Information and Registration

High School Writer's Camp - Information and Registration


Donate Online

Below are wish lists for each grade level. All donations are voluntary and much appreciated.

* Grade 6
* Grades 7/8
* Music


  • Click here to go to see schedule of Workshops and Classes offered through Caring Connections
  • April 17th Parent Forum: Internet Safety - click here for info


Campus Visits...

We request all visitors on our campus to check in at our Welcome Center.


Are you looking for a carpool?

Oak Valley has renewed our participation with the online SchoolPool program to help you set up a carpool, walking buddies, and riding buddies to and from school.  The regional SchoolPool program is part of RideLink, the commuter services program provided by San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG).

Click here to learn more about SchoolPool

Click here for step-by-step instructions to sign up


Oak Valley Middle School Check-in and Check-out Procedures

“Part of our responsibility as a school is to make sure that we provide a reliably secure environment for our students. As such, it is important to note that our campus opens promptly at 7:50 each morning and is closed throughout the day until 3:10 in the afternoon. Additionally, we have new Check-in and Check-out Procedures for our visitors, so please review them below.

Visitor Check-in Procedures
1. All visitors must check in and receive an Oak Valley Visitor’s Badge from the administration office.
2. Visitors on non-school (personal) business shall be escorted by an administrator or designee**.
3. Parent/students who plan to have lunch-time parties are encourage to do so off-campus or at a designated on-site location. Parents must be escorted by an administrator or designee**.

After School Procedures
Visitors or individuals who are here to pick up students will not be allowed on campus, until the campus is clear and students have departed.

** Designees include: Assistant Principals, Counselors, or Lead Custodian