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TPMS has a number of fine electives that allow students to expand their middle school horizons. Course content will vary according to grade level.

Academic Support: Academic elective classes have been designed to support those students who do not meet PUSD minimum proficiency in reading, writing, or math, and they are remedial in nature, therefore, students will be enrolled based upon proficiency standards and teacher recommendation.

Art: Each semester art elements, principles, and art history/art appreciation will vary with differing assignments, projects, and media. Students will work with a variety of media such as paint, pencil, ink. foil, clay, fibers, and paper. Students will learn about art appreciation and art history, while creating their own art. This class is a fun, hands-on experience. Students may enroll in art for one semester or the entire year.
State Academic Content Standards

Exploring Technology: Course Description

Intro to Computers: Course Description

Journalism/Yearbook Course Description


Band: This is a full-year course and is open to all students regardless of prior musical training. Students must provide their own instruments, with the exception of tubas or other large instruments. Daily practice is required. Students will perform in concerts and festivals. Two higher levels of band are offered for 7th and 8th grade students. The band director will determine the level of placement by audition. The Twin Peaks Band Student Handbook was developed to answer the most common questions of students and parents involved in our program. If you have further questions please see Liliana Lazzari, Director,  Asa Barnes, Director, and Andy Geib, Music Assistant. See the Band website.

Choir: The Choir is open to all interested students, and no prior experience is necessary. Students will learn the Joseph Kline Vocal Production Method and study a variety of music. Festivals require classical music; show tunes and choreography are included in each semester performance. State standards are also incorporated into the grading requirements. Students may enroll in choir for one semester or for the entire year.
Choir Handbook

Orchestra: TPMS offers two levels of Orchestra. Sixth grade Orchestra is a full year course that is open to all students regardless of prior musical training. Students must provide their own violins and violas. The school will provide cellos and basses for school use only. Advanced Orchestra is open to 7th and 8th grade students with at least one year of experience with a stringed instrument. Please visit the Orchestra website for complete information: Orchestra Website

State Academic Content Standards

Spanish: TPMS offers two courses in Spanish. Exploring Spanish - This is a one-semester class for the student who would like to explore a foreign language. It focuses on some beginning concepts and principles of basic Spanish. The class includes some cultural components that highlight some of the differences between American and Hispanic culture. Exploring Spanish helps prepare students to take Spanish in 8th grade or in high school. Spanish 1-2 is a first year high school level foreign language course. this course offers students an opportunity to develop their skills in listening, reading, speaking, writing, and their sensitivity to cultural differences. This course contributes to meeting college entrance requirements. Enrolling students need STRONG BASIC SKILLS in English, as well as good study habits as a prerequisite for success in this class.

Student Assistant: Students will perform a variety of responsibilities particular to their assignment. Students are placed in the following settings: the administration office, library, computer lab, or individual teacher classrooms. Students who exhibit above average citizenship, are capable of operating independently, and are self-starters do well in this position. A student assistant position fosters positive character traits necessary for success in the world of work.