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Recruitment FAQs

*When can students apply to join AVID?
Jan 31 - April7

*At what grade can students join AVID?
Incoming Freshman and Sophomore only can join AVID.  Incoming Junior and   Senior applicants are not accepted.

*What is the process for joining AVID?
You have 2 Options:

1.  Apply Online:

Open the application link below and fill out the forms as thoroughly and thoughtfully as possible.  Click Submit when you are finished.


2.  Apply by printing the forms below:

  • Print the form below and fill it out as thoroughly and thoughtfully as possible.  Submit the application to your school counselor or AVID teacher.


The deadline to apply is Monday, April 7th.  You may be called for an interview sometime late March or early April.  Based on the application, some students will not require an interview.  We will make a decision by early April, and you will receive a letter through the mail stating the status of your application.

For scheduling purposes, please enroll in AVID and the linked AVID courses.  Changes can be made to your schedule when you receive your letter.

In the meantime, if you have questions regarding the program we will be holding a breakout session during our middle school Parent Night on March 11th from 6:00-8:00pm and an AVID Information Night on March 19th from 6:00-7:00pm in the Little Theatre at Mesa Verde Middle School.  Current Westview students may visit K102 for any questions or email vbinswanger@powayusd.com or jlucero@powayusd.com.




Page Updated: February 11, 2014