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Solo & Ensemble Festival


Command Performances (30Kb MS Word file)

Jan 19 Superior Results (20Kb MS Excel file)

FINAL Jan 19 Performance Schedule (72Kb MS Excel file)

Jan 12 Results (12Kb PDF file)

Jan 12 Superior Results (19Kb MS Excel file)

FINAL Jan 12 Performance Schedule (36Kb MS Excel file)

Parent Letter (27Kb MS Word file)

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Westview GOLD
Solo & Ensemble Festival (Quarter II)

Part I on January 12, 2008 (Percussion & Freshmen)
Part II on January 19, 2008 (Orchestra & Upperclassmen)

Success Timeline:


  • Obtain private lessons/private teacher


  • Select literature


  • Begin practicing solo & ensemble


  • Begin weekly ensemble rehearsals


  • Begin rehearsing solo with Smart Music


  • Begin rehearsing with accompanist (if using accompanist)*  It is required that music written with accompaniment be performed with accompaniment.
  • Schedule solo and ensemble appointment times.
  • Submit application forms.


  • Perform


Literature Selection:

  • Begin looking for appropriate literature (please begin with the SMART music library (information is below)
  • The music should be a challenge to keep you motivated and inspired.
  • The music should be within your ability to perfect.

Note:  I highly recommend that you limit your literature selection to music available through SMART music – this will allow you to prepare in the most efficient manner possible.

Accompaniment Choices:

  • GOLD provides – two eight minute rehearsals and performance at Solo & Ensemble festival
  • Obtain your own accompanist, schedule rehearsals on your own
  • Use SMART music for accompaniment (see below for ordering information)

Coaching Suggestions:

  • All students will benefit most through private lessons
  • Private lesson teacher can help with literature suggestions as well as preparation
  • Westview GOLD coaching for festival will begin late October – your pieces should be ready by then.

Ensemble Rehearsals

  • Begin selecting your ensemble members and literature early. 
  • Level of difficulty of ensemble literature needs to be at least one grade easier than solo
  • Begin meeting weekly in your ensemble for approximately 30 minutes.

Download the above Solo & Ensemble information (36Kb MS Word file)


Dear Parent or Guardian:

Your child's director is recommending SmartMusic as a very efficient and enjoyable way to practice at home. The code listed below will let you purchase a SmartMusic subscription for $25 - a savings of $95 over the normal home subscription of $9.95 per month.

Your code is: GOLDMUSIC

To purchase a SmartMusic Subscription for $25- Visit www.smartmusic.com and enter your code to purchase a subscription for $25. (This subscription gives you access to the entire accompaniment library and all of SmartMusic's features for one year from your date of purchase).

RENEWING Students: Make sure you log into your existing account with your e-mail address and password instead of setting up a new account. Please contact us if you have forgotten your password.

You can also choose to purchase a microphone for $15 and other accessories. A microphone is required for recording, Intelligent Accompaniment, tuning and assessment. While most microphones (including built-in mics) will work with SmartMusic, we recommend the SmartMusic microphone because it has undergone extensive testing to ensure the best results with the program. It also has a clip (instrumental) or headset (vocal) to place the mic in the optimal position.

For convenience, we accept all major credit cards. If you would prefer to pay with a check, just contact us at 800-843-2066 with your code for instructions on where to mail your check. You will be shipped a free SmartMusic CD-ROM and any accessories you ordered. (shipping charges apply) Install SmartMusic and the entire accompaniment library from the CD-ROM. No downloading is necessary. Open SmartMusic and activate your subscription by following the on-screen instructions. You will need to enter your email address and password that you created when you ordered your subscription. Activation takes a few minutes and does require an Internet connection. (No ongoing Internet connection is needed to use SmartMusic after activation.)


RENEWING Students: If your subscription has not finished yet, but your teacher has asked you to start a new subscription, you will need to MOVE your old subscription off your computer before activating your new one. Go to the Subscription Menu and select "Move." You will be prompted to enter the same e-mail address and password that you used to set up your account last year.

Start practicing! You can learn how to set-up and use SmartMusic by watching the SmartMusic QuickStart Videos. These videos can be accessed from the Help menu, the last screen of the Setup Wizard or the Welcome screen before you activate your subscription. If you have any questions about how to use SmartMusic or encounter any problems, please don't hesitate to call our toll-free Technical Support line at 866-240-4041. Our phones are open weekdays from 8.30am-8pm (CST). You can also submit your question online at http://www.smartmusic.com/support.

More about SmartMusic (www.smartmusic.com): This award-winning, computer-based interactive practice system gives students the tools and accompaniments they need to get better on their own: Over 30,000 titles that make practicing at home fun! Built-in Tuner and Metronome keep students in tune with a steady beat. Recording encourages students to analyze their performances. Exercises that develop individual skills display right on the screen with a choice of accompaniments. Beginning band and string students are guided with colorful Assessment graphics (String assessment currently available for violin and viola only).

System RequirementsWindows Pentium III-class 800MHz processor or higher, 256MB RAM, Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP. CD-ROM drive. 700MB free disk space. Microphone. Direct X 9 compatible sound card with full duplex support. One available USB or serial port for the foot pedal (optional). Monitor resolution 1024x768 (800x600 minimum). Macintosh 867MHz G4 processor or higher, Mac OS 10.2.8 or higher. 512MB RAM (256MB RAM minimum). CD-ROM drive. 700MB free disk space. Microphone and microphone adaptor. Speakers or headphones. Additional USB port for the foot pedal (optional). Monitor resolution 1024x768 (800x600 minimum).

Download the above Smart Music information (33Kb MS Word file)

Musically yours,
Jeri Webb
Westview GOLD

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