CONSTITUTION STUDY GUIDE   Quizzes will be given prior to the Final Constitution Test on 2/17/05.  See Assignment Calendar for dates.

1.  KNOW the details on the "Three Branches of Government" TCI chart in your spiral.  This portion of the test will be fill-in-the blank or short answers.  

2.  KNOW how a BILL becomes a LAW.  Study the flow chart we made in class and practice recreating it without looking, then self-correct it.
     Quiz on February ____.

3.  KNOW the System of Checks and Balances.  Study the graphic organizer we made in class.  Practice recreating it, then self-correct it.
    Quiz on February ____.

2.  KNOW the roles and responsibilities of the President. (AJ p. 223-224)  This portion of the test will be fill-in-the-blank, short answer, or matching roles with responsibilities.  Quiz on February ____.

3.  KNOW the duties and responsibilities of the 15 Cabinets of the Executive Branch.  Study your Executive Branch notes.  Be able to match a job description to the correct Cabinet (department) or Secretary.  A list of the Cabinets will be provided. Quiz on February ____.

4.  KNOW the Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments)  Be able to write them without any prompts.  For practice, complete the exercise below.  Paste it in your spiral.  KNOW when and why the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution, and which Framer insisted on this.  Quiz on February ____.

5.  KNOW the "OTHER Amendments" listed below and the YEAR each one was added to the Constitution.  Quiz on February ____.

Amendments Practice Quiz  Print and fill in the blanks to practice for Quiz 4 and 5 and the Final Constitution Test.  Due February ___.