Rocks and Minerals

A WebQuest for 3rd Grade (Science)

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What is a rock’s favorite ice-cream?  ROCKY road!  

What is a rock’s favorite song?  We Will, We Will, ROCK You!

Ok, ok, all jokes aside.  Would you like to learn more about rocks and minerals?  If you do, come along on my fascinating journey.  There are many things to see and learn about on this trip.  So, pack your bag and socks because we are going to learn more about rocks!

The Task

Today, you will become a geologist.  A geologist is a scientist who studies rocks and minerals on the earth.  First you will take a journey to a Rock and Minerals Facts Museum in order to learn more about rocks and minerals.  Then you will go on a geological trip across the country.  You will discover a rock or mineral.  Finally, you will inform a panel of geologists about this rock or mineral that you have just discovered. You will present a mini report about this rock or mineral to the panel of reporters and geologists that are eager to hear about your discovery.

  Here are some things you will do on this journey

  • Learn what a rock is and how they are formed
  • Identify and look at three different types of rocks
  • Look at pictures of rocks
  • Learn what a mineral is and how they are formed
  • Look at pictures of minerals
  • Choose a rock or mineral to read about and research
  • Write a mini report about the rock or mineral you discovered
  • Present a report and provide a picture

The Process


To accomplish this task you will follow these steps:

Visit the Rock and Mineral Facts Museum:

1.     Click on the following website and read the definition of a rock. Rock definition

2.  Read about igneous rocks and then look at the kinds of igneous rocks on the bottom.       Igneous Rocks

3.   Read about sedimentary rocks and how they are formed.  Sedimentary Rock

4.  Read the definition for a metamorphic rock and then look at the kinds of metamorphic rocks at the bottom.  Metamorphic Rock

5.   Read the definition for a mineral. Minerals

  1. View the following show to see pictures of minerals and information about each (hit the “Next” button to keep searching).  Mineral Slide Show  

Geological Treasure Hunt

1.     You will now pack your bags and travel across country to investigate different rocks and minerals. 

2.  Take a journey across the country and examine rocks and minerals all over the world by looking over the links below.  Then choose one rock or mineral to discover.

1.     How Rocks Are Formed

learn how metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks are formed.


1.     Fossils, Rocks, and Time

find out how scientists at the USGS read rocks and form geologic time scales in order to study the Earth's history.


1.     Rock Hound

learn about different types of rocks and rock collecting, and take a safety quiz from Rocky the Rock Hound!

3.   Research the rock or mineral you have chosen by typing it into

4.  Fill out the information sheet.  Information sheet

5.   Finally, you will present this report to the panel of geologists and reporters.  



You will be evaluated in the following areas:





  • Did you follow all directions given?     (2 pts.)
  • Did you complete all activities on time?     (2 pts.)
  • Were you self-motivated? (2 pts.)
  • Did you work cooperatively? (2 pts.)
  • Were you a good listener? (2 pts.)

  / 10

Computer Lab Behavior

  • Did you work on the project and stay on-task? (2 pts.)
  • Did you visit every site on the resources page to answer the questions? (2 pts.)
  • Did you work quietly and independently      (2 pts.)
  • Did you ask for help from a peer before the teacher? (2 pts.)
  • Did you complete the task on time? (2pts.)

   / 10

Final Product

  • Did you fill out each section of your report and include a picture? (10 pts.)
  • Did you write in complete sentences where needed? (5 pts.)
  • Is your paper easy to read? (5 pts.)

   / 20


  • Did you explain at least three important facts about your rock or mineral to the class? (5 pts.)
  • Did you have good eye contact and voice projection? (5 pts.)

   / 10



    / 50


Congratulations on your magnificent discovery!  I hope you enjoyed your journey and learned something new. 

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