1.  Name three seas that surround the Philippines.


2.  A country in southeast Asia between Myanma and Laos used to be called Siam.  What is it called today?


3.  What is the closest ocean to Mongolia?


4.  What is the capital of the island nation that has the Sea of Japan as its western border?


5.  Seoul is the capital of which east Asian nation?


6.  What five Asian countries are landlocked?


7.  What is the name of the body of water that is part of the Indian Ocean between the east coast of India and the Malay Peninsula?


8.  In what island nation does the equator cross 120 degrees E longitude?


9.  What large desert is found in northern China and Mongolia?


10.  What is the capital of the landlocked country that borders Russia to the north and China?


11.  Katmandu is the capital of which Asian nation?


12.  What river is found in northeast India?


13.  Is Phnom Penh or Hanoi the capital of Vietnam?


14.  What country has the longest border on the Arabian Sea?


15.  What mountain range separates India and Nepal from China?


16.  What sea touches Hong Kong?


17.  Name the 3 countries that border the Bay of Bengal.


18.  What gulf is located to the east of the intersection of 100 degrees E longitude and 10 degrees N latitude?


19.  What direction does the Chang Jian (Yangtze) River in China flow?


20.  The Ganges River flows into what bay?


21.  Is Seoul in North or South Korea?


22.  What is the capital of the island nation off the southeast coast of India?


23.  Which city is farther south: Havana, Cuba, or Bombay, India?