1.  Which of the following is not a state:  Idaho, Houston, New Mexico, Colorado?


2.  Which of the following is not a city:  Dallas, St. Paul, Cincinnati, Delaware?


3.  Locate the Gulf of St. Lawrence in eastern Canada.  Now write a definition of a gulf.


4.  What is the capital of the only state bordered on the south by Arkansas and through which the 40 degree N line of latitude passes?


5.  What country has the largest land area in the Western Hemisphere?


6.  What is the city located on the Chesapeake Bay that is the capital of Maryland?


7.  It is dawn in the eastern United States, what is it in the western United States?  Why?


8.  What is the capital of the country with the largest land area in the Western Hemisphere?


9.  How many degrees are there between the equator and the southern tip of Greenland?


10.  From which direction does the sun rise in Los Angeles, California?


11.  The Tropic of Cancer cuts through what large North American country?


12.  What state is west of New Hampshire and east of New York?


13.  Which country has the largest land area in North America?


14.  Washington, D.C., is to the Unites States as _____________ is to China.


15.  What is the easternmost state in the United States?


16.  What city is the capital of Alabama and was the first capital of the Confederacy?


17.  Which state usually has the coldest weather year round and why: Tennessee, Oregon, Arizona, Georgia?


18. What is the largest gulf in the world?


19.  The forty-eight states that touch one another are called contiguous.  Name the states that are not part of the contiguous United States.


20.  What state is due east of Connecticut?


21.  What are the names of the five Great Lakes?


22.  Helena is to Montana as ____________________ is to Oregon.


23.  Which state capital is farther north, Utah’s or Illinois’?  How do you know?


24.  What states border Lake Michigan?


25.  How many states are on or above 60 degrees N line of latitude?


26.  The Beaufort Sea touches what two North American countries?


27.  Are there any states located south of the 25 degrees N latitude?  If so, which one(s)?


28.  What is the name of the bay that is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the Hudson Strait?


29.  If you were designing a map of your city, would you let 1 inch equal 1 mile, 100 miles, or 500 miles?  Why?


30.  Which of the following states is the farthest north:  Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Michigan?  What is its capital city?


31.  If you travel from the Eastern Standard Time zone to the Central Standard Time Zone, you must adjust your watch.  What do you need to do it?


32.  Would you probably find a scale 1 inch equals 1500 miles on a map of your city?


33.  What is the name of the only state capital with three words in its name?


34.  What natural boundary separates Texas and Mexico?


35.  What capital city is near 40 degrees N latitude and 83 degrees W longitude?


36.  What body water connects Lake Ontario to the Atlantic Ocean?


37.  Which state is due south of Kentucky?


38.  Which state capital is east of 90 degrees W longitude: Jackson, Indianapolis, St. Paul?


39.  Which continent has the larger land area, North or South America?


40.  On which continent and in what hemispheres do you live?

       Continent:  ___________________________

       Hemisphere(s):  _________________________


41.  What is the name of a well-known cape in the state of Massachusetts?


42.  Does Mexico have more coastline on the Gulf of Mexico or on the Pacific Ocean?


43.  What is the westernmost state in the United States?


44.  Along what line of longitude does the northeast border of California lie?


45.  What is the capital of Montana, the state with the fourth largest land area in the Unites States?


46.  What large island is found off the coast of southern Labrador?


47.  What is the capital of the only state that has a coastline on the Gulf of Mexico and where the 100 degrees W longitude line passes through the state?


48.  Which city doesn’t lie near the Mexican border: El Paso, San Francisco, Laredo?


49.  Three-fourths of an inch on a map equals 500 miles.  From Chicago to Cleveland is 1/2 of and inch.  How far would this be?


50.  Which will have dawn first, eastern North America or eastern South America?


51.  What is the capital of Idaho?  Is it east or west of 100 degrees W longitude?


52.  Which hemisphere, the Northern or Southern, has the most land?


53.  Which state capital is north of 40 degrees N latitude: Frankfort, Denver, Salt Lake City, Columbus?


54.  What natural boundary separates Tennessee and Arkansas?


55.  What is the southernmost state in the United States?


56.  A bay is an arm of an ocean, sea, or lake extending into land.  Find an example of a bay on the North American continent.


57.  What is the capital of New Mexico?  At what degree of latitude is the city located?


58.  What is the only state capital west of 150 degrees W longitude?


59.  What is the name of the northernmost state in the 50 United States?


1.  What chain of islands off the Alaskan Peninsula is part of the United States?


60.  Which state would you most likely visit if you enjoyed mountain climbing: Florida, Washington, Indiana? Why?


61.  What is the northernmost and southernmost states that contain the Rocky Mountains?


62.  Which North American country is narrow enough to be considered an isthmus?


63.  What two Great Lakes border Wisconsin?


64.  If it is twilight in the western United States, what is it in the eastern United States? Why?


65.  Put the following states in order from the farthest south to the farthest north: Missouri, Alabama, Michigan, Wyoming.


66.  What western state in the 48 contiguous states has the longest border with Canada?


67.  In what part of Nevada is the city of Las Vegas located?


68.  Which is farthest north: Atlanta, San Diego, El Paso?


69.  What four of the Great Lakes border Michigan?


70.  On what large body of water is Buffalo, New York, located?


71.  Is Baffin Bay north or south of Hudson Bay?


72.  What is the capital of Arkansas?


73.  Which Canadian city is farthest east: Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver?


74.  On what river is St. Louis, Missouri, located?


75.  The Beaufort Sea is what direction from Alaska?


76.  What state is due southward of South Carolina?


77.  The continental United States is divided into 4 time zones: Eastern Standard, Central Standard, Mountain Standard, and Pacific Standard.  Of these, which zone is farthest west?


78.  What is the capital of Louisiana, the state where the Mississippi River flows into the Gulf of Mexico?


79.  Besides Canada and Mexico, what is next closest country to the United States?


80.  What is the capital of the island nation southeast of Greenland?


A.  Pretend that you are taking a vacation to 3 cities. 

          a.  Design a route that will be the shortest possible.

          b.  Estimate the mileage of the trip and write it like this:

                    From San Diego to city #1 = ____________  miles

                    From city #1 to city #2 = _______________ miles

                    From city #2 to city #3 = _______________ miles

                    From city #3 to San Diego = ____________ miles

                                 TOTAL MILES = _____________


B.  Find out what the weather is like in those 3 cities today.  If your city

       is not listed, then find out the weather in the nearest city listed.


C.  Create a 1 page ad to convince people to visit 1 of your 3 cities.

           Must be on a blank piece of paper (no lines).