Brother Wulfnoth’s Sources for Costume Information-

For the Mesa Verde History Faire:

Young friends,

    I will be adding sources for costumes outside of Europe to this list as I find the time. Keep checking back for updates and please, e-mail any good sites you come across that I missed that I may add them to this list.

  STOP! Before you begin your journey toward  making, buying or creating  an historical costume consult this site for some dos and don’ts offered by those who have done this a few times. Note- The S.C.A, (as mentioned in the article) is a history recreation group.  (A word search on the theme of Medieval clothing to break the monotony. For those with more time than I.)  (Online source for a wide variety of patterns for our young men and women)  (A list of helpful sites on costume research and construction for the Middle Ages.) (Medieval Costumes links page. Good for finding sources and specific information on costume from different times and places in Medieval Europe .)  (Costume Gallery Research/source page for Medieval history. From shoes to hats and everything in between.)  (The History of Costume for the 10th -14th Century. Many color plates of men’s and women’s costume from this era.)  [Sorry, you’ll have to cut and paste this address] ( the Amour and Weapons Page. -For the guys)  (Costume patterns and ideas for the ladies.)  (The costume page. All sorts of sources for any costume including a large section on the Middle Ages.)  Sewing Central with Medieval period patterns for (young) men and women.  Drawings and costume patterns for Medieval through Renaissance costume.  (Historically researched patterns with notes, drawings and examples from Medieval art)  (Inexpensive books on costume and clothing) (Clothing and Armor of a knight circa 1250 AD/CE) [Sorry, you’ll have to cut and paste this address] (Articles that give background and details on various aspects of medieval costume for men and women)  A thorough list of (medieval) period pattern. [Sorry, you’ll have to cut and paste this address] (Alter Years, Renaissance costume patterns for men and women.)  (The Butterick,  collection of medieval and renaissance patterns. They tell me these are fairly easy.{?})  (Viking tunic {a long shirt} construction. Seems fairly simple to me.)  (Medieval Clothing, pictures, descriptions, patterns, etc.)  [Sorry, you’ll have to cut and paste this address] (Early medieval English clothing for male and female. First class job of research!)  (A list of “how to pages for making your own armor.)  (A free pattern for making a knights helmet. I suggest using the sides of a plastic bucket rather than metal for the plates and split brass brads instead of rivets. You’ll also need a hot glue gun, some paint, and {you guessed it} duct tape)  (Early Medieval Clothes Patterns [11th cen.]. It doesn’t get any simpler than this!) (Early Medieval costume with explanation and period drawings.)   (Clothing of the Scots Highlanders- The highland kilt did not exist {Sorry Mel!} in the middle ages but becomes apparent in an early form just before 1600. Mea Culpa!  Sorry to be the bearer of unwanted news but there is absolutely no credible evidence of this garment being used as anything more than a cloak before 1598 AD/CE. This author presents an article that might not be well received but is historically sound on the kilt and what the Scots from the Highlands {male and female} wore in times past.)  (Shoes/footwear of the Middle Ages. No kidding!) (One stop index for Elizabethan costumes.)  [Sorry, you’ll have to cut and paste this address] (Sells patterns {male and female} and/or ready made costumes for those short on time and long on cash. Seriously, there are many costume shops on line but I know from years of personal patronage that this one is reputable and reliable. If you just have to buy, talk to these guys first.)  (Pictures of real medieval cloths from the museums of the world.) store/web_store.cgi?page=pp101.html&cart_id=   Sorry, you’ll have to cut and paste this address] (Patterns for the young knight, meticulously researched {Historical notes and illustrations provided} however these patterns are not for beginners.)  (Men and women’s Medieval Patterns. These don’t look that tough and seem to be well researched.)  (Link page to help you find a multitude of ideas.)  (Patterns Of Time- Look over their Medieval and Tudor selections.)  (Patterns for medieval clothing.) (Viking/Early Medieval clothing.) Anglo Saxon, Viking and Norman Clothing and a lot more!)  (Links to most medieval reenactment groups. Each has their own favorite sources and tips for beginners.)  (Medieval costume links.) (Yet more costume links.) (Italian Renaissance) (Viking age wear.)      (Period art sources for costumes.)       (late period/Elizabethan costume.)  (Color plates/pictures from various times and eras. Check your dates and labels carefully.)  Kyoto National Costume Museum


Young gentles, there are about a “bazillion” (you see why I don’t teach math) other sites out there. These are provided as a start. Research carefully, record your sources faithfully and accurately as you go, and don’t forget to have fun with this!

  Pax Vobiscum,

- Lord Pendragon