Newbery Award Project
By Danny E.









Eight advanced readers in room 22, including me, participated.

We studied the Newbery medal and an author that won the medal.

We worked on this project from October 2002 through January 2003.

We worked at both school and home.

We completed the project by reading a Newbery book and other titles by the same author, writing reviews, and doing creative activities.

We did this project to become better readers and writers.

I think Jerry Spinelli should have won a Newbery Medal for at least one of his other books too, although it makes a little sense that he didn't because his other titles do not  have the same use of adjectives as in Maniac Magee. I can see why Maniac Magee won the Newbery medal because of the way Spinelli used adjectives in the book.  I also think Spinelli put a little bit of himself in to the main character, Jeffrey Magee.

Doing this project I learned some new writing skills too.  I learned to add more details to my stories and to organize them better.  Doing a project like this helped me to look at my own writing more effectively.  I don't know that I'd like to become an author, but I know a little more about what I need to improve on.    

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Maniac Magee

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