Peregrine Falcon Watch
Spring 2003

Inside An Egg


We had an opportunity to see inside a developing fertile egg ... Mrs. Stahler's 2/3 class is incubating duck eggs.  Their first clutch met an unfortunate fate ~ the incubator broke over a weekend dropping the temperature too low for the embryo to survive.  The eggs stayed too cold for too long ~ just as though the mother duck had abandoned the nest.  A new incubator was found, and a new clutch of eggs set.  We wish them luck with their project.

In the meantime, Mrs. Stahler offered us 2 eggs that had expired, to open and see what goes on inside.  The eggs were in their 5th day of development.  (Duck eggs take about 28 days ~ 5 days less than a falcon) to hatch.  We carefully opened the eggs and it was fascinating!  We could see blood vessels, the beginning of the circulatory system; the embryo; the heart; and the eye spot.  Our principal took photos of the experience.  If you would like to see the graphic pictures of the  inside of a developing egg, click HERE.


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