Peregrine Falcon Watch
Spring 2003

Photos Inside An Egg


I began by gently cracking the egg.

Then I used tweezers to remove small pieces of the shell to reveal the membrane.

We got our first look inside a Pekin Duck egg.  The kids were rivited.

The blood vessels develop in the first day to begin the circulatory system.

The tiny dark spot on the embryo is the eye.

This is a Mallard egg - notice the different size and color.

Other class members came out to see.

There was a lot of discussion and questions.
Students' comments:

"That isn't gross at all."
It is pretty cool to realize that that was going to be a live animal."
"I'm sooo glad I saw this!"
"You can sort of tell where the head is."
"Did we have to do this before lunch?"


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