Peregrine Falcon Watch
Spring 2003

Terminal Tower ~ Cleveland Ohio


Eight students in Room 22 "applied" to become nest monitors for the 2003 nesting season.  The students are doing this voluntarily and independently of other curricular units.

They are developing this site to share their experience with family, classmates, and friends.  With minimal guidance from the teacher they are: 

  • Researching Peregrine Falcons and collecting facts
  • Observing the nesting pair ~ Buckeye (the male) and SW (the female) who reside on the 12th floor, right side of the Terminal Tower building in downtown Cleveland, Ohio
  • Participating in a discussion board with other observers
  • Tracking the weather in Cleveland to determine if this has an effect on the nesting birds
  • Maintaining an observation log

Please bookmark this page and come back and visit often to enjoy this experience with us.
The site is updated at least once a day and constantly evolving ... 
Pardon our dust as some pages may temporarily be under construction.


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