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This is our work station in our classroom.  We have 8 networked computers, but this one is always logged on to the falcon cam web site for quick viewing of the nest.  The binder is our log / scrapbook where we are collecting the data - weather log and observations, along with articles, facts, e-mails, etc. that are part of the project.  Buckeye and SW's portraits are on the cover.

We were excited to discover 4 eggs in the nest 
the morning of 3/25.

We take a sampling several times a day ~ counting how many frames we see a falcon on the nest.
For being such great researchers and observers, we earned a "team shirt".  The front patch says, "Peregrine Falcon Nest Monitor Intern RHES Room 22, Spring 2003".  The back has a picture of Buckeye (aka. Dad) that was taken by Scott Wright of the Ohio Department of Wildlife (his name is at the bottom of the picture on an angle).  The APK falconcam web site address ( is above Buckeye.


Work is always better with a buddy.
These feathered friends were gifts from 2 very generous, new friends 
of ours in Cleveland, Ohio ~ 
the Woods Sisters.
Thank you ladies, 
for making work so much fun!


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