Goal Setting Folders     

To help students keep organized you can set up goal folders using folders (pocket or 3-hole brads), or 3-ring binders; tab dividers (short term goals - academic and or behavioral; long term goals; MAPS; etc.) and goal setting/reflection template page (once mastered this can be done on notebook paper).

Having students set goals increases their awareness of their progress, encourages ownership of their learning, and increases responsibility for their own success.  Setting goals on a regular basis gives students valuable practice developing appropriate academic and behavior goals, and practicing self-reflection and future planning.

Set expectations for your students to:
~  Write weekly / bi-weekly / monthly (what ever timeframe fits with your classroom) academic,
    behavior, social, and/or character goals
~  Reflect on their goals and success toward reaching them
~  Keep written goals and reflections organized and stored in their goal's folder / binder / portfolio

Things to consider:
~  What sections / how to label dividers in folder / binder?
~  How often do you want to have students set / reflect on goals?
~  Where will students store folders / binders?
~  How to share information with parents?

       One idea:
~  Set up 3" - 3-ring binders as a portfolio for each student.  Use for organizing/storing featured work
~  Have students bring in 5 - tabbed dividers.  Label dividers; 1. General Goals (set by students);
    2. MAPS Goals (based on RIT scores); 3. Writing work samples; 4. Math/Prob. Solving work
    samples; 5. Other work samples
~  Students set goals bi-weekly.  These papers are kept in a folder in desk to refer to daily.  At the end
    of a two week time period, students look over all graded work, self evaluate, and select evidence
    that they have, or have not met their established goal; reflect on the result; and set a new goal(s). 
    The previous goal sheet goes into their portfolio and the new sheet / goal in folder in desk.


Lynne Harvey
Poway Unified School District