Parent Homework Letter                                       

Dear Parent(s),

No one knows your child better than you do.  As a parent, your perception of my student is a valuable resource.  The more I know and understand about your child, the more effective I can be.

I would appreciate it if you would participate in a parent homework assignment that will be of great value to me and your child.  Please write me a letter telling me about your child.  This might include a brief biography, special abilities, fears, problems, strengths, and weaknesses.  You might also tell me about your expectations for me, your child, the school, and yourself for this school year.  Tell me the things you want me to remember while I work with your child.  Please be honest and complete.  Please note that your letter will be confidential - I will shred it at the end of the year.

I will be sending emails home briefing you on each day’s class activities.  For this reason, I also request that your letter include an e-mail address so we can be in contact throughout the year. 

I am looking forward to reading your letters and learning more about how I can best help your child have a successful and rewarding school year. Thank you for taking the time to complete this assignment. Please feel free to e-mail me the letter at if it's easier than writing it out.  (If you feel that you cannot participate in this assignment or need to delay the due date, please send me an e-mail or a note.) Thank you in advance for your help. This assignment is also located on our classroom website at  or just google “Miss Korvink” and you’ll find our "calendar" page.


Natasha Korvink